Exploration: Drain Away False Memories

In this exploration, you'll be using your lymph system to drain away emotional charge and false immune memories from your body sites that are affected by allergies.

The exploration takes about 20 minutes. Find a seat where you can sit upright with your feet on the ground. A firm chair or stool is better than a sofa or couch.

The exploration starts out similarly to the previous guided exploration you used.

As before, you'll start by bringing your attention to your allergy symptoms and then use the three head movement planes of rotation, side-bending and flexion-extension to connect with your body-centered wisdom.

Then you'll use the lymph system to drain emotional charge from the sites of your allergic response, flushing those emotions and the corresponding immune memory out through your heart.

Before you start, make sure that you can visualize the path the lymph uses to drain from the body sites affected by your allergies to your heart as described in the previous lesson.

Follow the Guided Exploration

After The Exploration

Once you have completed the exploration, it’s important that you write down your experiences as soon as you have finished. Memories of these kinds of explorations tend to be a lot like dreams: you remember them vividly as soon as you wake up but forget them very quickly.

Take a few moments now to capture what you experienced during this exploration.

Next Steps

After the exploration, wait at least one day before going on to the next exploration in this course.