Drain Away False Memories

As you know, allergies start when the immune system mistakenly identifies a benign substance as an allergen. Once the immune system has made this mistake, it tends to hold on to that memory for a long time.

The memory of allergies is stored in our tissues, in particular at the site of the allergic response. In this exploration, you’re going to start washing away that memory.

You’ll be using the lymph system to do this. The lymph system has two main functions in the body:

  1. It drains waste fluids from body tissues, recycling them back into the bloodstream through the heart. In this regard, the lymph system is a bit like a wastewater recycling system.
  2. Lymph nodes play an important role in immune system responses and memories by storing immune system memory cells.

Because of these two functions of cleaning and immune memory, the lymph system is especially well suited to washing away old, unneeded immune system memories.

Here is a diagram that will help you visualize the lymph system in the next exploration.

Here is a more detailed diagram that shows how the lymph fluid drains towards the heart, and recycles fluid through the heart.

In the guided exploration on the next page, you'll be using your lymph system to drain away emotional charge and false immune memories from your body sites that are affected by alleriges.

Before you go on to the next page, take some time to look at they lymph system diagram so that you can visualize the drainage paths from those body sites towards your heart. You'll want to be able to visualize these paths during the guided exploration.

You can download the lymph diagrams here: